Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit

Accessibility :

Toilet in Lobby
Accessible Rooms
Standard Rooms
Hotel Lobby

Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit Hotel on Sukhumvit road.

I went to this hotel for a wedding ceremony and took some photos of facilities for wheelchair users in case it can benefit to anyone.

At the parking building, I couldn't see the reserved parking space for wheelchair users. The normal one is rather narrow for wheelchair users to park their cars. Ramp to the hotel is found at the front entrance (drop off area), but from the parking space you need to take a small step. Accessible toilet is found near the function room, but not at the lobby area.

I would recommend wheelchair users and elders to have assistants along with you for more convenience.
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Place inside Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit

Tim Ho Wan (Terminal 21)

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After You, Terminal 21

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